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Air Arms Rifles: 

Airgun Warehouse has been an agent for the well known Air Arms Range, of  air rifles in both PCP and Springer format, for the past 13 years.

Rifles are not supplied with Telescopes

Below in their own words is Air Arm’s philosophy:

You and Air Arms, a winning combination.

Product superiority comes from commitment to excellence. At Air Arms, that commitment begins with our production technology and is applied to everything we do by the skill of our staff. Through research, design, development and production, the Air Arms philosophy of ‘only the finest’ is maintained and constantly challenged by our quality control.

We’re the best because that position was the only one acceptable, and we know our customers share that stance. We will continue to be the best, because our products constantly evolve to meet the demands of our customers, and as we already know, only the best will do for them.





Galahad 2


Galahad 1

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 S200 SIDE

Air Arms S200 Sporter – High performance and lower cost in a lightweight format

Accuracy and top performance are the cornerstones of all Air Arms’ rifles, and the S200 Sporter Rifle has everything it takes to produce exceptional results at a lower cost. Perfect for juniors, ladies or those of smaller stature, the S200 Sporter has a deserved reputation for introducing airgunners to the rewards of top-level shooting. An S200 Sporter owner is assured of quality at lower cost. The semi-match design stock places the trigger hand in perfect alignment to make best use of the S200’s excellent adjustable trigger, and the rifle’s match grade barrel ensures that your marksmanship is always rewarded.



Air Arms S400 Classic Single Shot R/H Beech wood Stock – Single-shot precision, a best-selling sporter.

The Air Arms S400 is the most popular top class, single-shot, precharged pneumatic sporter of them all and for a host of good reasons. Developed and built with the same care and precision as its 10-shot stablemate, the S400 is as comfortable in the hunting field as it is on the Hunter Field Target course. At the heart of the S400 is a full-power, consistent action, which feeds a match quality  Lothar Walther barrel developed to Air Arms’ specification. Each pellet is loaded by hand via a generous, bolt-action breech and the comfortable bolt handle makes cocking and loading the rifle fast, secure and easy. The S400’s performance package is completed in the finest possible way, by stylish woodwork produced by the highly acclaimed Minelli Group, an adjustable, two-stage trigger with a cross-lock safety catch, an on-board pressure gauge



Air Arms S410 Classic Multi Shot  -Where classic style meets total hunting performance.  

The Air Arms S410 is the classic, pre-charged pneumatic sporter and regarded throughout the airgun world as the finest in its class. Correct design, precision engineering and a deserved reputation for customer satisfaction, makes the Air Arms S410 the first choice for airgun hunters the world over. The Air Arms S410 is a working combination of clinical accuracy, reliability and classic styling. Within its bolt-action, multi-shot format you’ll discover a truly satisfying degree of user-friendly performance.




Air Arms S410 Take Down Rifle (TDR)

Full-specification performance – in a takedown format

The Air Arms S410 TDR is described perfectly by its name. First, it’s an S410, then it’s a Take-Down Rifle and that order of priority is deliberate and essential.

The TDR is an S410 that can be taken apart in seconds and packed into its compact carrying case. The TDR packs down with its scope fixed, so it stays in perfect zero, ready to be assembled in less than 20 seconds to provide that renowned S410 performance. Perfect for those situations where discreet, convenient transportation is required.


Air Arms S500HFT

To win a hunter field target competition, you need a rifle which will produce consistent accuracy right out to 50 metres, in all kinds of weather from chilly sub-zero temperatures to the intense heat of midsummer. Add rain, wind and the demands of these changing conditions and you will quickly find that a successful hunter field target air rifle is a specialised piece of equipment.

The Air Arms HFT-500 is a specialised rifle and worthy of winning trophy after trophy in hunter field target competitions. We can say this with confidence because it provides the shooter with everything required to win. The HFT-500 Field Target rifle has it all. If you want to be ahead of the field – choose an Air Arms HFT-500.




Air Arms S510 Extra (with optional R/H Walnut Stock).

When you need more power, perfectly delivered

There are many hunting situations where you’ll need extra performance and many more where a .22 rimfire is ‘too much gun’. Here’s where the S510Xtra proves to be the perfect hunting partner. With close to 30ft.lbs. in 5.5mm at your disposal, you choose the power you need at the turn of a dial. Never before has a precharged pneumatic sporter provided such versatility in such an easy-to-manage package. The match grade barrel is fully shrouded and includes integral baffles which effectively reduce the discharge noise and its threaded muzzle is designed to accept an optional moderator. The rifle’s action block incorporates a power adjuster, which can instantly set the S510Xtra to produce anything from 7 ft.lbs right up to 28 ft lbs in 5.5mm calibre

S510E Ultimate side view copy

 Air Arms S510 Extra Ultimate Sporter

Ultimate power and precision

The Ultimate Sporter Xtra has all the benefits of the standard Ultimate Sporter, but the Xtra model gives close to 30ft lbs in 22 cal over 30 precise shots. The extra power, the S510 technology, the 10 shot recoiless action and the smooth lines of the fully adjustable laminated ambidextrous stock makes the Ultimate Sporter Xtra, the perfect hunting partner.

A high power rifle adds an extra dimension to your sport which allows you to explore and exploit far more hunting situations




Air Arms FTP900

Quite simply, all the Field Target rifle you will ever need

Three essential elements have come together to achieve success in field target shooting.Those elements are performance, precision and control, and you’ll find the ultimate versions of all three in the Air Arms FTP900 field target rifle.

The FTP900 will fit you and your shooting style with pinpoint precision. A full-specification match trigger system, extended scope mounting rail, world-class competition barrel, plus fold-away spirit level and windicator arm, add yet more control and match winning potential, leaving you to be the best you can possibly be.

The FTP900 is the finest field target rifle in the world-because it was made to be just that from the start.

 TX 200 SIDE

Air Arms TX200 Mk3 – Unsurpassed quality in a spring-powered rifle.

The smooth, full-power, consistent shooting qualities of the TX200 MkIII are a product of several features working together. These include a balanced mainspring, guide and piston system, which runs on synthetic bearings to reduce friction. Less energy lost to friction means higher efficiency, easier cocking and reduced recoil. These are the qualities of an expertly tuned rifle and the TX200 MkIII comes with these benefits as standard. Expertly finished, polished and blued, the MkIII’s action sits in an elegant, fully-chequered sporter stock, completing this rifle’s potent blend of performance and style.


Air Arms TX200 HC – The Hunter Carbine version of the all-conquering TX200

One look at the Air Arms TX200 HC reveals a compact, purposeful rifle that retains the streamlined good looks of the TX200 and represents quality of the highest level. Everything that makes the TX200 the best in its class is contained in the carbine-length HC, including those ‘factory tuned’ internal components, the elegant stock design and of course, that impeccable metalwork. It’s all there, ready to produce the performance that took the TX200 to World Championship level. Each shot is sent on its way by the HC’s computer designed CD trigger unit. Sensitive, adjustable, and totally predictable, this trigger is the final link in the performance chain that keeps the Air Arms HC right at the top of the best-seller charts.


Air Arms Pro-Sport – Supreme styling meets world class function

It is a widely held opinion, that no airgun in the world combines the degree of mechanical function and stylish design of the Pro Sport. When you look at the rifle, it’s hard to disagree with that opinion and when you shoot the Pro Sport, it’s even more so. A significant part of that reputation came courtesy of input from one of the most respected air rifle technicians in the business, thus being Ken Turner. Ken Turner’s genius brought the ‘factory tuned’ element to the TX range and into the Pro Sport. It also produced the rifle’s unique, flush-fitting underlever, which requires no catch to hold it in place and remains out of sight until required. From Air Arms’ own developers came the superb CD trigger system and the luxury stock, plus the wealth of continual development the company invests in every model. The Pro Sport represents the peak of Air Arms spring-powered technology and, many would argue, the very best of its kind.