Optisan Optics

Optisan = Optics + San


Born in 1996, “Optisan” is a unique brand created for people who love nature and believe in a better tomorrow. “Optisan” originates from the words “Optics” and “San”.

In Japan, to be called “San”,  in a particular field, conduct has to be considered esteemed, respectful and professional. “Optisan” is created by people who devote themselves to manufacturing and marketing  quality optics, at affordable prices, thus ensuring that the end-user get’s the most enjoyment out of their experiences in nature.

Western Experience + Japanese Technology + Taiwanese Creativity

Ever since 1993, the joint venture, with a well known Japanese optics manufacturer, has built-up a sound foundation for quality control and manufacturing capability. In 1998, when Optisan was first introduced to the public at PHOTOKINA 1998, the world largest imaging exhibition held in Germany once every two years, the optical quality impressed the industry. Many experienced professionals, from Europe, have joined the Optisan family to contribute their talents and efforts providing valued experience and assistance to further develop the Optisan range of products .

With a solid foundation and manufacturing capability, the Optisan design team listens to and works with European field target Champions to develop quality optics, tailor made to satisfy and delight the outdoor enthusiast’s needs for the most demanding environmental applications.

The synergy of collaboration between field experience and manufacturing capability have led the Optisan design team to come up with many patents for practical optics resulting in a continuous introduction of new products with remarkable features, sharp image and stylish appearance.



The all New EVX and HMX Range of Telescopes

2016.04.05 Optisan EVX Brochure

2016.04.05 OptisanTechnical Spec-EVX series-v2 EVX

2016.04.05 Optisan HX Brochure

2016.04.05 Optisan Technical Spec-HX-v1

Prestige Telescopes


01_PRESTIGE 1-6X24

Mamba Telescopes


23_MAMBA 1-4X24





Litec P Binoculars






Mounting Systems


43_mounting system

44_mounting system




Optisan Predator Flashlight Kit1